JDM Sport Lowering Springs 2010 - 2016 Genesis Coupe - Red

I purchased these specifically for 2013 Genesis Coupe 2.0 standard edition. My nephew wanted to lower his vehicle to have better grip and look better. I was going to purchase some Megan's and was pointed to the JDM's here on the website. I poked around a bit and found out these had a pretty good tolerance, decent spring rate and stiffer than the stock R-spec springs that come on that edition. Installed extremely easy no issues, lowered the car about 1.4" total and really stiffened up the ride as the body roll with the stock springs was hideous. For the cost of these and the drop rate which will not affect the stock shocks and struts I am pleasantly amazed. Keep in mind these are pretty stiff you will feel more of the road, you will also get no more than 1.5" drop from them and they are easy to self install.

Tyson Coffman, 01/02/2014
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