CNT Catback Exhaust V3 Blue tips Genesis Coupe 3.8 2010 - 2016

Received the order very quickly in a well packaged box. Took it to a local installer to get put on with some Depo test pipes along with some other goodies. I did let them know that many reviews of this CBE state that one of the hanger rods will likely need to be bent/re-bent in order to have the height be equal for both sides of the exhaust. Turns out, this is true. The left side hangs about 1 inch lower than the right side when installed from stock. Tomorrow I'm taking it back to have them heat and bend the hanger so it'll match the right side. As far as the extension out from the bumper, both sides are perfectly even and aesthetically, this CBE looks great. After listening to a dozen or so youtube videos comparing the sounds of the different CBE's for the Gen Coupe, I liked this one the most and the fact that it was one of the cheapest only made it better. It really does produce a great sound without having an obnoxious drone, a high pitched whine (with WOT), or being so loud people think a teenager in a coffee-can muffler is about to pull up in their Civic.

I honestly haven't dynod the car so I can't tell you what the gains are by itself, but I will say that I put in the R2C intake at the same time and after these three upgrades, she feels peppier and like a good amount of torque was added along with a few hp. I fully recommend this product and to be honest, has a good price, responded very quickly to my inquiries (pre and post sale), and got it to me a day earlier than UPS estimated. Well done!

L.J. Rawcliffe, 06/15/2015
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