Gemini-AR Carbon Fiber Vented Hood 2013 - 2016 Genesis Coupe

I really like this hood a lot! There really weren't any other options to me when I was looking, this was the hood I wanted.

I have a 2014 3.8 Ultimate and this hood DID NOT fit perfectly which is why I gave it 4 stars. The strike on the hood was shorter than the stock strike so I had to take the front bumper off to elongate the hole for the latch to go down and mount properly. I also had to cut a line with a dremel perpendicular to the strike so the latch arm could swing and close properly. You will also have to cut holes for the bump stops from the stock hood. Luckily they are already marked you just have to follow the lines that are there.

Final Verdict: you will need to modify this hood to get it to fit properly but you won"t be disappointed!

Jerry Richards, 03/19/2016


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