20 Concept One RS8 Staggered Wheel Set Genesis Coupe 2010 - 2012

  • Model: 20RS8
  • Manufactured by: Concept One
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Concept One is proud to announce the new Executive Edition. The Executive Edition offers you an elegant and aggressive look with high quality chrome stainless steel lip, geared towards today’s most luxury vehicles like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus and Infiniti. The Executive Edition is focused on creating the finest quality, light weight, one piece wheels that embodies performance and style.

Concept One Luxury Sport Wheel Collection sets a new standard in wheel designs and technology. The Concept One Wheel Collection is an engineering marvel using cast wheel technology and a diamond cut mirror lip, unequaled luxury and redefining the wheel industry.


This set is good for flush fitment on the genesis coupe. Due to the aggressive fitment modification may be necessary if you lower the vehicle. 


Set of Four

2 pairs of RS8 20X8.0 ET18 5H114.3

2 pairs of RS8 20X10 ET20 5H114.3


Available in Either Matte Black, Matte Black Machined and Hyper Silver